TV Advertising

TV HUB Media Platform

Changing the business model for TV advertising with a self-service digital platform.

  • Custom Web App

    Microsoft .NET Core, Svelte, Fabric UI and SQL Server

  • Cloud Security

    Hosted in Microsoft Azure with enterprise-grade data security

  • Business Operations

    Booking, scheduling, campaign management, business logic, payments, reporting, and notifications

Case Study

TV HUB is a digital platform that offers businesses the ability to plan, book, buy and track their TV advertising campaigns directly.

Traditionally, the practice of planning, booking and managing television advertising campaigns has been managed exclusively by Advertising Agencies. TV HUB is a smart self-service web portal that changes this entrenched business model, enabling anyone to create targeted TV campaigns, without having to rely on an advertising agency as middleman.

To establish feasibility early, Soda Digital scoped the optimal feature set for the solution with the scalability, accuracy and performance that TV HUB would need. To maximise shared understanding, a fixed-cost quote and Statement of Works (SoW) were provided to TV HUB at the proposal stage.

It was identified that technical challenges would include coding business logic to manage complex campaign calculations, and writing an entirely custom API to enable media purchases across both free-to-air and paid TV channels.

Keeping user flows simple can make a big difference in customer experience. Prior to the Agile development cycle, Soda Digital mapped the entire media buying flow visually in wireframe mock-ups. TV HUB was able to test user journeys, and evaluate the User Interface (UI) as a single system, before a single line of code was written. Accordingly, this enabled TV HUB to fine-tune workflows at low-cost, creating the best user experience possible.

With a solid foundation in place, Soda Digital’s developers went to work on the custom solution. General system functionality included account management, multiple permission levels, permission-based views, SMS and email notifications, interactive reporting dashboards, booking and scheduling features and third-part system integrations. Industry specific functionality included the ability to create, store, buy, manage and view historical campaigns within the system. Users can compare campaigns before booking through simulation and create custom campaigns on multiple criteria including networks and time of day.

The outcome is a fast and powerful TVC booking platform that enables advertisers to buy advertising direct. The platform has created a new revenue stream for TV HUB and is being augmented with SaaS capabilities so agencies can also manage campaigns online, irrespective of where they are.

Video Overview

Watch TV HUB's "How it Works" video for an overview of the platform's features.

Project Screenshot

Cooperative Working Style

At Soda Digital, we thrive on collaboration. TV HUB was developed in an organised and collaborative way, and was built on modern Lean and Agile software development methodologies.

Project Screenshot

Create Campaigns

Advertisers can select target audience, budget and campaign dates. Then choose a proven pre-set buying strategy, or create their own. They can simulate and compare campaigns for the best results possible.

Project Screenshot

Powerful Analytics

Interactive dashboards were developed to track budget, audience impressions, campaign impact – the business outcomes that matter.

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The TAB My Agency application is a huge success, paying for itself in the first year of operation — plus all the time we've all saved.

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