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No Birds Car Rental

The Challenge

Bayswater Car Rental manages a fleet of more than 2500 Toyota Corollas. It's a lean operation with a low-cost base from which it's able to provide great savings on car hire to customers in WA and NSW.

Maintaining such a high-volume business model, Bayswater's General Manager Arnold Kluck is always looking for ways to cut operating costs and reach more customers cost-effectively.

Arnold decided it was high time to modernise the company's website with self-managed car booking by customers. This would reduce costly manual processes and create new opportunities for online advertising.

"At the time, our website was merely an online brochure directing clients to the call centre. On a recommendation, Bayswater asked Soda to build an online booking system that was consumer-facing and able to give customer quotes and take car-hire reservations."

Much of Bayswater's business comes from overseas. Kluck wanted to attract more international customers and rank highly in organic search on strategic search terms, an area in which it contests against large multinational car-hire companies.

The Solution

Working closely with the client's IT team and drawing on its practical understanding of search engine optimisation, Soda was able to overhaul the website with rich new functionality including a booking interface.

The system integrates with Bayswater's in-house car-rental booking system and streamlines the front-end with booking data going directly into the electronic workflow from the web, eliminating double handling.

Designed for ease of use, customers anywhere can use the online panel to organise pickups, returns, quotes or check and make reservations from which they receive electronic confirmation to verify the transaction. The booking panel brings accuracy to data management through business rules and accounts for time and date variance between eastern and western states.

Careful analysis of Bayswater's website confirmed a rapidly increasing amount of mobile traffic, prompting the development of a touch-friendly interface that's focused on the needs of customers on the go. The website smartly detects mobile and tablet devices, presenting a responsive design that adapts to device orientation and screen resolution, and allows customers to quickly make or manage a booking without fuss.

Soda helped implement an advanced search engine optimisation solution that goes beyond on and off-the-page SEO with a knowledge base centre that allows two-way interaction and for customers to have their questions answered online. Reducing time spent on administration effort, it also adds valuable new content that search engines can index and reference, returning higher page rank.

The Results

The solution has driven a 56 per cent in overall site traffic with a 118 per cent increase in bookings. Bayswater's web pages rank at the top of the first page for all of its targeted keywords, and because of the knowledge centre, it's own customers have generated a resource of secondary keywords which have increase the site's reach dramatically.

"We all know what advantage this brings," says Kluck. "The rebuild was very smooth falling within our time and budget expectations. Without an effective e-business capability we wouldn't be in business. We've recently reengaged with Soda for assistance with improving conversion rates on our paid search ad-words."