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Reconstructing Innovation Online

The Challenge

The Ideas Vault is a creative space used by business teams to relax, stimulate the mind and generate innovative ideas away from the office.

To promote this quirky venue, the client was looking for a distinctive website that would communicate the core brand promise of the Ideas Vault as a place where people come together to think differently.

Soda saw the answer in a high-engagement website that would create a strong and positive first impression. It would offer someone looking for an offsite planning venue a pleasant and momentary escape from corporate life, while at the same time communicating all of the practical detail that's needed to make a booking.

The Solution

Crafting thought-provoking digital creative is as much about having the ability to execute, as it is about brainstorming a bold vision.

Working closely with the client, a highly interactive solution was developed using animation and advanced Flash programming to give the site 'wow factor'.

On entry, the visitor's curiosity is aroused by a virtual representation of the Ideas Vault interior that renders for a 360-degree view of the space.

Rollover navigation invites further investigation and immediate familiarity with the 'Vault', encouraging users to manipulate the colour of onscreen furniture or re-model their view of the interior in 3D using only their mouse.

Staying true to the brand, the site also invites user participate in a variety of fun exercises including video games and word exercises, or for those with less time, a booking calendar, noticeboard and information about the venue.

Creative Execution

Delivering such a non-conventional site required a combination of talent and technical expertise. Creative concepts were fleshed out and friendships forged in a series of highly collaborative and productive meetings between Soda and the client.

Graphically speaking, this visual theme unfolded in a four-phase build cycle with; the photography of source material (room); sketch drawings to bring the idea to life visually; a rough render of artwork for proof of concept; a more refined and detailed render of the artwork for a polished result.

The Results

The new site is on-brand and has been a great advertisement for the venue. It's generated much positive feedback from customers and resulted in consistently higher bookings for the Ideas Vault.