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Steve Woodbury

Online Artist's Gallery - Reality on a Finer Scale

Presenting an artist's work to the wider world requires a collaborative and respectful approach. Steve Woodbury is recognised in Australia and internationally as an accomplished artist whose work deals with "life, death and the bit in between; where we came from and where we go".

Soda's creative energy and iterative work style provided the talent and feedback channel needed to deliver Steve's vision online in a tasteful and understated digital gallery. Contrasting texture, subtle use of flash video with integrated graphics and an interactive online catalogue bring more than 100 of Steve's paintings to life and create the feeling that you're right there in his personal studio.

Steve is extremely pleased with the site's high-end look and how it enhances his work. "My work is often shown one exhibition at a time or in settings such as The Australian Embassy in Tokyo, which limits exposure. Soda's created an online art gallery where I can exhibit all my paintings permanently and display each set of works individually, uploading new catalogues as soon as they become available. Now art lovers anywhere can see the entire collection online and choose which artwork to view in expanded detail on-screen."

Steve particularly enjoyed the kindred spirit brought out by the project. "It was a fun job. Best of all, I love that the guys at Soda took the time to listen and were able to take my ideas and build on them creatively."