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Planit strengthens ties with core market and gets a new revenue stream

The Challenge

A flood of new entrants has made the software testing market very competitive.

Planit commissioned a complete overhaul of its e-business marketing to counter this emerging threat and capitalise on the growing use of search engines to create new revenue streams for its consultancy and training services.

The digital upgrade would strengthen ties with the software testing community through interactive engagement and a multiplatform solution supporting online PR, microsites, search marketing and sales activities.

A new corporate website would complete the solution and provide the ability to purchase training online with a strong customer focus that clearly separates the user experience of public consumers and corporate clients.

The Solution

Soda worked with Planit to define an effective digital strategy after analysing online search patterns and purchase behaviour across all product categories.

From these insights it's developed a digital sales funnel that captures web traffic using paid search, social media and search engine optimisation (SEO) and provides logical and clear pathways to follow based on level of interest.

Once engaged, potential customers can select the services section or course information of their choice, leading to either an enquiry form, online ordering system or the call centre depending on their readiness to buy.

This sales effort is supported by social media PR that targets an IT audience and reinforces Planit's thought-leader position, bringing new awareness to industry initiatives carried out by the software testing firm.

The new corporate website offers a focal point for all this online activity and comes with a fresh new look and navigation for more than 60 web pages.

The solution is CMS-driven with self-editing features that simplify the process of renewing product information across the website and 10 other microsites, which can now be centrally managed on a single login.

The Results

The impact has been significant. Planit is now capitalising on the benefits of integrated digital marketing with a doubling of repeat visits to the site while bounce rates on the homepage have reduced by 50 per cent. Most importantly, new business leads have increased by more than 500 per cent.

IT Manager Eric Holmstrom is excited about the opportunities this brings and feels the site has cemented a positive future for Planit.

"This project with Soda has truly raised the online marketing bar on our patch of turf."

Holmstrom says visitors are spending more time online which is helping to build the brand, a result that has carried through to an increase in new business.

"People are more engaged and consequently we're building a database of IT professionals who have opted in for permission-based marketing and want to receive email offers about our training and testing services."