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African Safari Home

Luxury Travel Showcase

African Safari Home specialises in creating unique, tailored safari adventures, delivering the experience of a lifetime to its many satifised clients around the globe. With a focus on high-end, luxury packages in mind, African Safari Home approached Soda to provide a stylish and intriguing experience for prospective and returning clients.

The site employs rich, organic textures and a sun-drenched colour pallete to compliment spectacularly scenic imagery, evoking a palpable sense of the hundreds of locations on offer. Intelligent pathways with strong calls to action invite discovery, while a smart 'Travel Bag' system allows visitors to bookmark packages of interest and continue browsing the extensive showcase before making an enquiry.

Director Garth Wilby says, "Working with a company for the first time on a complex project, especially one so far from us geographically, can be a challenge. Soda met this challenge head on, impressing us with their professionalism and attention to detail."

Garth was delighted with the outcome, adding "Soda completely exceeded our expectations, grasping our vision quickly and turning out a top class solution. Our goal was to improve our brand and the quality of leads generated — mission accomplished!"