Technology Snapshot

Our frontend developers ensure a consistent user experience across devices and browsers

We excel at optimising frontend performance across 100’s of unique, ever-evolving digital viewing environments.

This level of technical perfection demands attention to detail. We code all HTML5 mark-up meticulously by hand, just as we’ve been doing consistently for the past 16 years. With many large-scale web projects under our belt, we know this makes all the difference when adding features later, or resolving display issues.

  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Semantic markup

    Every line of code is properly structured for maintainability, extensibility and search engine performance.

  • Frameworks

    We're also fluent in popular front-end frameworks like Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation and Bulma.

  • CSS

    We love CSS pre-processors like LESS and SASS, and keep pace with emerging technologies such as PostCSS.

  • Accessibility

    We can provide high-access sites that meet ARIA and accessibility standards for legal and policy compliance.

  • And beyond...

    We specialise in responsive sites, web apps and PWA's for native-like functionality.

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How We Work

Full-Stack Development. Fully Supported Solutions.

Soda Digital is 100% Australian-based. We do all development in-house locally. Every aspect of your solution is well-engineered from top to bottom for a scalable, feature-rich application built in enterprise-grade technologies.

Technical Planning

Careful planning is essential for meeting your scope, schedule and budget.

Because we’re creating a unique web solution built for purpose, we capture your vision and technical requirements to offer fixed-cost certainty — so you know what to expect upfront.

Customer Experience

Our front-end specialists have created functional design for some of Australia’s best brands.

We test and iterate, going to the core of your culture and sought-after goals, but we always aim to deliver the best possible experience to the end-user.

Development Cycle

Top coding skills aren't enough. At Soda Digital, our software developers bring years of technical and commercial aptitude to your project.

We speak your language with experience in everything from custom booking systems to geo-location.

Monitor and Maintain

Digital ecosystems are becoming increasingly complex to manage.

What really sets us apart is we protect your investment with regular maintenance and uptime monitoring of the underlying platforms your solution is built on.

Support and Grow

We provide ongoing optimisation to improve operations and drive competitive advantage.

Our support services ensure access on demand to specialist skills including designers, developers and platform specialists.

What Our Clients Say

Soda has been vital to our business for over 10 years. They consider everything from customers finding us right through to car pick-up at the counter.

Arnold Kluck

Arnold Kluck

No Birds

We've worked with some great brands

  • No Birds Car Rental
  • Samsung
  • Client logo
  • Client logo
  • Porter's Paints
  • Forestry Corporation
  • TAB
  • Startlight Children's Foundation
  • TAMEX Transport
  • Scyon Walls | James Hardie
  • Open Colleges
  • Carsguide

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